Thursday, February 21, 2013

Points to remember before you participate in this disuccsion:
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dinesh said:
Hi friends,

I do agree with most of the points raised by others. The topic here is of much relevance. 'How to deal with oil prices' is not only a good discussion topic, It is something what our government may be thinking always. Blaming on government and ourselves will not create any changes to this situation. What we want is a solution. The solution given by others such as using bio gas, using bicycles, using public transport are great ideas. In addition to this ideas, why cannot we think of a new concept.

I call this concept 'Petrol and Diesel Subsidy'. The concept is that, First the government should fix a maximum limit of subsidized consumption for each family depend upon number of members. Then government should issue a card called Petrol and Diesel Subsidy card (PDSC) to all family. In that card maximum limit of subsidized consumption for every month should be specified. Upto this limit only a subsidized amount should be charged by government (suppose the actual amount of petrol is 75 Rs, subsidized amount would be approximately 65 or 70. ) And after this limit government should charge a premium rate (If the actual rate is 75, premium rate is 80 or 85).

Advantages of 'Petrol and Diesel subsidy':.

1- Government can able to control the consumption of petrol and diesel.

2- People will not use vehicles unnecessarily, they will forced to use public transport, because if their maximum subsidized limit is crossed, they would have premium rate.

3-This will help the government to control the price hike of petrol/diesel and thus inflation in future. Because, if the demand falls, the price will not be increased highly.

4- Government will not occur loss because richer people will use vehicle even for premium rate. Even if the government give petrol/diesel at loss by giving subsidy to common man, they can compensate the loss with the premium amount charge paid by rich people.

5-This system helps in sustainable development.

rajini said:

A majority of India's fiscal deficit is because of the huge amount of oil that we import. Brazil on one hand entered the BRICS just because it could combat this. Brazil's automobiles use molasses as an alternate source of oil instead of petroleum. This is not just an excellent idea, it is a very feasible and usable idea in the Indian scenario. We cultivate a huge amount of sugarcane and a vast majority of it perishes because of improper inventory management. All we need to do is produce molasses (which we already do) and enforce the same on automobile industries to produce engines that can run on molasses. One liter of molasses is cheaper and would produce ten times more energy than petrol. Fact is, ISRO uses it in all its space missions.

hari said:

Its really a very good topic to speak on.

And so many friends gives very great suggestions to reduce the effect of oil price hike. I just want to add a little bit on their suggestions.

First of all, I think, there is a need to create awareness among people about the importance of this very important natural resource. People should be aware that crude oil is very limited inside earth and should be used as minimum as possible.

We should try to use General Transportation like city buses, rickshaw and vikram for going to the easy places.

Sometimes, we need personal vehicle for transportation in our daily life so we cannot stop using them practically. But we should take care while buying a vehicle that it should consume lesser amount of fuel as compared to others. Nowadays, people are interested in buying bikes which are powerful and consume high amount of fuel like bullet, pulsar, yamaha. Fuel average of these powerful bikes are in range of 10KM/ltr to 30Km/ltr. Using these kind of vehicle for carrying just two people is totally a wastage of fuel. This wastage should be stopped.

Government should also encourage the use of rickshaw in city transportation. This will increase the employment for poor people and also reduces the use of fuel consuming transportation. This also make a positive effect on our environment too.

Government should also make the policy for car owners that, they should not be allowed to drive car until all the seats of it are not fulfilled i.e. No car should be run on road which do not have person other than driver.


  1. Hello dear friends....
    the topic can be related with oil crisis in INDIA.when demand is more than supply, then crisis come. we know that India is very fast growing population in the world. Due to industrialization, urbanization and capitalization, the consumption rate of fuel increases rapidly. The peoples want to maintain their standard of life day to day. Now day the fuel is not the source of energy only , it becomes necessity of each peoples. All country peoples is going to consume more and more fuel in daily life use. As economy concern, the world is going also in economic crisis. In India to control the prices of oil, the government agency should make some rule for consumers as already applied in gas sector. Some strict rule must be formed to minimize the consumption of fuel for consumers. some others suggestion given as follows to reduce the oil prices:
    1. the old transportation vehicles, engines, industrial machines running by liquid fuel must be replaced by new one.
    2. the automobile industries should develop engines based on green fuel and renewable energy source.
    3. subsidy rate on fuel must be given to those people who are very poor but fixed the quantity of fuel.
    4. foreign investment must be stopped to increase the value of rupee over dollar.
    5. more and more investment should be done to search out new source of fuel in India.