Wednesday, October 24, 2012

  Points to remember before you participate in this disuccsion:
  • Assume, you one of the member of a real group discussion.
  • Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts.
  • Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution..
ramu said:
 I'm a western trying to live in Indian society.

And I can tell you its pretty hard.

I always thought Indians were the most welcoming people on earth, with a beautiful culture, but now I'm trying to live here, all the doors close.

I step away from all my western comfort, believes and behavior, I dress proper, and am respectful to all people and their culture and religions.

But still, I will never be accepted.

Still people will always stare at me, make me feel uncomfortable, rip me off, and see me as a dollar sign.

I will never say our culture is better.
But living here, I start to wonder what are the advantages of Indian culture.

I'm writing an research over it. So please Indians, what are the advantages or your culture.

And why are you so afraid we westerners are spoiling it?
Is it not because of money, that you are letting go your values?
And because honestly, some things could be going better in this country.
And think of it, are you family values not holding you back from developing?
Isn't it holding the country back from developing? when family is calling you back?

I'm just trying to figure out this country, I'm not trying to offend anyone.
debi said:

Hello all. I totally agree with those who said that the western culture gonna decaying our culture. That is true that the western culture is advance and spread beneficial knowledge in the minds of the people that is necessary for future. But according to me. We can be advance through our mind not by the appearance and the dressing sense. So if one wants to attain the western culture. He or she should not do anything for their look. But for their IQ level. Our tradition is great and always will be great.