Sunday, July 22, 2012


anitha said:

Trade union is a weapon of the disrupted workers. Whenever industrial authority tortures workers to work inhumanly and deprive them from their financial support, helpless workers will be speechless audience due to social and financial impact of the management authority. Growth of economy does mean growth of garner of country with people from different sectors. If workers are deprive of their financial justice, their children will suffer from lack of nutrition, education etc. Food, cloth, home is man's primitive demand. If they deprived of it, they can not work most efficiently. Then also industrial product will be less than the previous. So growth of economy will be victim of it....

We also keep in mind that workers are not like commodities sold in the market. They also have their right to protest against injustice. Besides growth of economy does not mean only growth of the financial garner of country as well as people from the upper rank of society. It is because government of the the people, by the people, for the people. If people from different sectors can live with sufficient financial support, then manpower can be utilized better for the growth of economy..

gk barath said:

I agree with Shally. Trade Union or labour union is the group of employees that makes bargaining with employer to solve the problems of the labours like wages , hiring or firing conditions , work rules , safety ,etc. These unions are the communication links between the employees & employers. So if banning is done workers can't put forward their problems easily & effectively which may leads to work inefficiencies or dissatisfaction in doing work , which finally leads to loss of company. So Trade Unions shouldn't be completely banned but management can put some control over them in order to avoid misuse of power by Trade Unions. If Management & Trade Unions both work together then speed of progress can increase..


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